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Happy Birthday West Virginia!

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All three events were amazing!  Friday night, over 100 people attended the Meet and Greet and had so much fun meeting each other and sharing their geocaching stories!
Saturday, the anticipation of the release of the coordinates just about had everyone on the edge of their seats!  With over 250 people in attendance, three educational sessions, great food and fellowship, the event was a HUGE success!
Sunday, a small group of us gathered again to clean up.  The funny thing is, because us geocachers are incredibly clean, there was not much "trash" to battle! Thanks to everyone who attended this and made the CITO very quick.  I am glad we were able to leave Camp Virgil Tate as clean as it was when we got there Friday evening!
I would again like to thank everyone for your participation.  Whether it was working with me to plan these events, assisting with cache placement, or simply just cheering us on.  Because of you, I am able to now sit and read some incredible logs and feel like we have really added something remarkable for people to once again journey through West Virginia and discover more of our great history!
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